by Ken Jacobsen

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Ken Jacobsen is a full-time freelance pen-and-ink illustrator who produces high quality, classically styled illustration for art directors and graphic designers all over the world, and has for over 30 years.

That’s me! This site shows llustrations that I’ve done for packaging. (To see other work, just click my logo at the upper right.)

Style:  My style, from finely detailed to bold and graphic, was influenced by the classic pen and ink illustrations of the 19th and early 20th centuries –themselves influenced by the woodcuts and engravings that preceded them. The artist who influenced me most was my grandfather, who taught me to always put quality and craftsmanship first.

Technique:  I work on a digitizing tablet, which I’ve been using since 1995, and all my work is created in digital format, unless requested otherwise.

Finished illustration:  Whatever the client requires, whether vector or pixel format, and the latter may be colored with watercolor on a separate layer.

Awards:  My work has popped up in all those major design mags and gotten AIGA awards and been praised on sites like and others.

Rollover the images at the right to have a look, and please feel free to contact me any time.

blank Organic wild rice package illustration Pen and ink background illustration
Engraving style wine label illustration Pen and ink and watercolor packaging art spacer
Pen and ink logo illustration spacer
Color vector packaging illustration spacer
Color vector art for packaging spacer
Classic pen and ink with watercolor for packaging Woodcut style pen and ink illustration spacer
Classic pen and ink with watercolor for packaging Woodcut style pen and ink for packaging spacer
Pen and ink illustration for food packaging Woodcut style logo illustration for bread packaging
Organic food product packaging illustration

Usage: Organic Wild Rice Packaging
Client: Flint Communications

Background and character illustration for packaging

Usage: Packaging illustrations for Green Giant; background, above, and Green Giant character

Client: Pederson Gesk

Pen and ink

This background illustration appeared on all of Green Giant's canned and frozen packaging for over ten years.

Pen and ink logo illustration for packaging

Usage: Proposed packaging logo for Levis jeans
Client: Cronan Design

Engraving style wine label illustration

Usage: Wine Label
Client: Paragraph Inc.
Pen and ink in three Photoshop layers
Pen and ink packaging illustration for food product

Usage: Organic Butter
Client: Publix Foods

Pen and ink with watercolor: each on a separate digital layer
Vector art for food packaging

Usage: Old Home Foods Vegie-dip
Client: Kroese Design

Vector art in PMS colors
Vector illustration for food packaging

Usage: Schwarz Sausage Co
Client: Design Vectors

Full color vector art
Engraving style pen and ink with watercolor

Usage: Organic Apple Juice
Client: Publix Foods

Pen and ink with watercolor

Pen and ink illustration for flour packaging
Usage: Packaging, Gold Medal Oat Flour Blend
Client: Kroese Design

Pen and ink

Classic style illustration of vegetables for packaging

Usage: Packaging, Corningware
Client: Dunn & Rice

Pen and ink with watercolor and pastels

Usage: Packaging, Ore Ida Potatoes
Client: SBG Partners

Pen and ink

Usage: Logo, Earthgrains Baking Co
Client: Murray Lienhart

Pen and ink

This illustration was part of Earthgrain's logo for over a decade.

Wheat shock illustration for logo
Logo with illustration
Woodcut style illustration for packaging

Usage: Greenwise wood product
Client: Publix Foods

Digital pen and ink in three layers

Winken, Blinken & Nod
Artist: Howard Houlette

This is an example of pen and ink
stipple illustration,
from the 1920's.